Free Software Directory

Free Software Directory

The Free Software Foundation’s new Free Software Directory, was officially re-launched earlier this week.

More than 6500 programs are listed in the newly updated directory, all of them free for any computer user to download, run and share. According to the Free Software Foundation, each entry is individually checked and tested so users will know that any program they come across in the directory will be truly free software, according to the group’s formal definition, with free documentation and without proprietary software requirements.

Programs that run on proprietary operating systems like Mac OS X and Windows are listed as well, but only if they run fully on GNU/Linux.

The new directory has been rebuilt using MediaWiki–the same software that powers Wikipedia. A set of extensions called Semantic MediaWiki add advanced search and presentation capabilities.

A great resource for anyone looking for open source alternatives to the paid-for proprietary offerings. Additionally, promo codes for advanced technology add to the savings.

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