Up and coming SEO Trends

Up and coming SEO Trends

The most successful sites and marketers always ensure that they are on the cutting edge of all the latest algorithms that are put in place in terms of SEO. Below you can find some of the latest SEO trends that are likely to be extremely important in the coming months or even years.

  • Voice search – The time of voice search is upon us, and it brings yet another drastic change when it comes to SEO. An estimated 20% to 25% of all searches are done via voice today. When using voice search services, search terms tend to be longer and more conversational, so keywords should be optimised accordingly.

  • Video engagement – People love watching videos and recently this has been trending upwards fast. Their popularity could be due to a number of reasons, including faster internet speeds, user-friendly smartphones, and the use of social media. Search engines have recognised this and now reward companies that are appealing to these customer preferences.

  • Credible sources – Thanks to a large number of fake news stories recently, search engines have taken a step up when it comes to how they rank content. Having high quality, useful, and relevant content will no longer be enough, you will have to try and back this up with credible sources as well.

  • Snippet focus – Google has an aim to deliver what the user wants quickly and efficiently. Today, it is delivering a lot of information directly inside the SERPs, with structured snippets. If your site has top ranking content, then it may be delivered to users without them even having to click through to your website.

  • Social media – In many ways, social media sites can be used almost like search engines themselves. As this trend is set to increase in the future, content should be produced and optimised both for search engines and social media sites. An added benefit of these sites is that paid targeting can be used to reach people who are most important for a business.


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