ISKO UK Biennial Conference, 8-9 July 2013

ISKO UK Biennial Conference, 8-9 July 2013

The Evolution Of Social Media And Its Effects On Knowledge Organisation

The evolution of social media over the past several years has made it easier than ever before to find, connect and engage with “experts” and people with similar interests. Enlightened organizations have recognised that investment in social technologies and (most importantly) the organizational change required in order to nurture and embed a collaborative culture, can overcome the limitations of “siloed” structures that have traditionally inhibited information flows and opportunities for innovation.
In a broader context, the pervasive and ubiquitous availability of social media in almost all aspects of daily life, from the way we communicate, get information, buy and sell, travel, live and learn is adding to the pressure on organizations to provide a more porous interface between internal (behind the firewall) and external services. Knowledge workers are increasingly making their own decisions on what tools, products and services that they need to work more effectively and will become increasingly disaffected if these are not available within the work environment.

This session looks at industry trends on how social media and social technologies are changing the way that we generate, organize and consume knowledge, and how this is driving emergent digital literacies.

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