XIII Seminari Compartim 21st September 2011

XIII Seminari Compartim 21st September 2011

Barcelona, 21st September 2011

The Department of Justice in Spain have embraced the concept of online Communities of Practice (CoPs) to support more effective knowledge sharing. The e-moderator (or Facilitator or Community Manager) is increasingly recognised as playing a key role in the nurture and growth of these communities, acting as an agent for the sharing of  ideas, experiences and professional practice. This seminar looks more closely at this important role and what skills, tools and other facilities the e-moderator can use to ensure these communities remain vibrant and inspired networks of professional learning and knowledge sharing.

The seminar will evaluate the role of the e-moderator and compare it with other new agents of knowledge support in international organizations.

I will be presenting on lessons learnt from the UK Local Government CoPs, which has grown to over 95,000 since its launch in  2006.

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