Bookmarks for December 9th through December 14th

Bookmarks for December 9th through December 14th

These are my links for December 9th through December 14th:

  • Community Toolbox – Bringing Solutions to Light – The Community Tool Box is the world's largest resource for free information on essential skills for building healthy communities. It offers more than 7,000 pages of practical guidance in creating change and improvement, and is growing as a global resource for this work.
  • 19 Handy Twitter Mashups and Tools | Design And Marketing Blog – Houston Web Design – Search & Social Media Marketing – Twitter mashups and tools put a unique spin on the way we use Twitter. By “mashing” information from Twitter with other applications, you get an unmatchable user experience that can be both fun and useful. Enjoy these top 19 Twitter mashups.
  • Is social media becoming a social mess? – Lately this is how social media has felt like. From both as a blogger and as a consumer. Services that are suppose to make things easier only seem to be muddying the waters. Distractions become almost the norm as we flit from one service to another and then try and pull them altogether with some sort of aggregator.

    There is this underlying pressure to be a part of conversations, to create new conversations. It wasn’t so hard when all we had to do was remember what blogs we might have left comments on. Now though our blog comments are being spread all over with services like Disqus or IntenseDebate; which are then pulled in – or not pulled into – aggregrators like FriendFeed or Strands

  • Anecdote – Whitepapers – Building a collaborative workplace – Today we face an entirely new environment for innovation and getting things done. The days of the lone genius quietly toiling away in pursuit of that Eureka moment to revolutionise an industry are all but over. We are now in the days of asking and listening to our customers and working with them in our innovation cycles. Innovation demands collaboration. So does production. In the past we could focus on a single task in an assembly-line fashion, handing our completed activity to the next person who would in turn do the same, until the job was finished. Now the jobs change fast, requiring learning new skills rather than merely repeating the old. We have to seek out people who have other pieces of the puzzle and work with them to tackle increasingly complex issues at a much faster pace.
  • Net Gen Nonsense – Two British researchers have just completed a study of undergraduate students that found "many young students are far from being the epitomic global, connected, socially-networked technologically-fluent digital native who has little patience for passive and linear forms of learning." Instead, the study found that students use a limited range of technologies for both formal and informal learning and that there is a "very low level of use and familiarity with collaborative knowledge creation tools such as wikis, virtual worlds, personal web publishing, and other emergent social technologies."

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  1. Hi Steve. Re the social mess link, I feel your social media pain! I struggle with this a bit, and feel daunted and stressed by the fragmentation. See my recent post about this too. But I keep reminding myself that it was ever thus with the web, and you just need to be sophisticated with your RSS reader and relax a bit about not keeping up with everything!

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