Government gets to grips with social media

Government gets to grips with social media

For any twitter users that were not already aware, a press release advising that Gordon Brown (No10 Downing St) now has a twitter account. Not sure if I should worry but I’m one of the 472 people mentioned as being followed. I’m sure he’ll lose interest in me very soon!

Also of interest, the announcement by Cabinet Office Minister Tom Watson about the creation of a “Power of Information Task Force”, which will drive forward the Government’s pledge to meet the rising aspirations of modern communications practice and improve engagement with citizens through social media. Lets just hope this initiative doesn’t get bogged down by the usual bureaucracy at the heart of Government. We live in hope!

2 thoughts on “Government gets to grips with social media

  1. I quite agree! As an ex-local government type still working entirely with government, I did fear the worst when I saw the words ‘Task’ and ‘Force’ together in the same sentence! Not really a term that fits in the new world order of social networking and collaboration.

    But then that could just be me fearing the worst when I’m certain the people involved in this project will try to avoid that at all costs and set up something really interesting and inclusive.

    As you say, here’s hoping!

  2. Dominic,

    thanks for comments. I think Gov only knows one way of working, and that is by committee (or task force in this case). On the plus side, it does look as if something is happening as a result of the Tom Steinberg report they commissioned last year. They must surely know they are going to get judged on results.

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