Knowledge Hub at OpenTech UK

Knowledge Hub at OpenTech UK

I presented the Knowledge Hub at yesterday’s (21st May) OpenTech event. The following is a synopsis of the project; the slides are available for download from Slideshare and include notes. Previous blog posts on this topic:

The Knowledge Hub (KHub) is a “Web 2” social media development that builds on the LG Improvement and Development Community of Practice initiative (  which, with over 85,000 registered users, is already the most advanced online practitioner group in the public sector.

Imagine the social networking aspects of Facebook , the recommendation element of websites such as Tripadvisor,  product and service comparisons similar to websites such as, access to value-added ‘apps’ similar to the iPhone app store  and a serendipity engine to suggest useful content, like on-line retailer Amazon, and you’ll start to get some idea about what this innovative project will deliver.

The KHub’s matching engine will trawl through online and user-generated content and using semantic web techniques it will suggest communities, people and content you might like, utilising data from your user profile and your digital footprint (on-line activity).

As well as all this, the KHub will be an interactive information exchange where users collaborate online to solve problems, with facilities for uploading datasets, enabling users (e.g. councils) to compare and benchmark their performance.

Best of all, the KHub is being developed on an open platform, using open standards and will be published to the open source community under the GNU General Public License, hence this huge investment will be available for use and re-use by the open source community.

The KHub is being delivered by PFI Knowledge Solutions and is built on their innovative Intelligus platform.

The KHub is scheduled for Beta release later this month (May), with new features being added in a series of releases between May and October 2011. See the Local Government Group website for further details.

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