Web 2 Tools for Facilitating Knowledge Management

Web 2 Tools for Facilitating Knowledge Management

Doing final prep today for the Web 2 tools training course that I’m running on Tuesday 29th March. Key outcomes for the training are:

  • An understanding of social networks and social media and the overlap between personal and professional identities.
  • An understanding of the barriers to knowledge sharing and collaboration and how these can be overcome.
  • Creation of a personalised social computing toolkit to support on-going learning and development in collaborative tools and techniques.

This will be highly practical, hands-on training event, since I firmly believe that you can’t really ‘teach’ social media. The best way to learn is by doing!

The programme includes:

  • Social networks, privacy, digital orientations and the increasing overlap between personal and business networking.
  • Risk and rewards in on-line engagement and collaboration.
  • What does effective collaboration look like and what skills are needed to be an effective collaborator?
  • Micro-blogging (e.g. Twitter) and its role as a business tool.
  • Social Media Game – a fun game which introduces delegates to the various social media tools, how they can be used to solve real business problems, and the pros and cons of the deployment of these tools.
  • The power of social bookmarking for knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • A practical introduction to Web 2.0 collaboration tools, including Google Apps, Blogs and Wikis.
  • A practical introduction to social networks and social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and Slideshare.
  • Tools and techniques for developing and fostering successful communities of practice.
  • Building a personalised collaboration toolkit.

Venue for the event is:

Etc. Venues

The Hatton

51-53 Hatton Garden

London EC1N 8HN

I’m looking forward to meeting the delegates – a good cross section representing both public and private sectors. It should be a good day!

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