Social Media Policies and Guidelines (List)

Social Media Policies and Guidelines (List)

I’ve been running a regular social media training event for some time now and have gradually built up a fairly comprehensive knowledge asset at the Social Media Toolkit Wiki that I use as the foundation for the training. Given the general thirst for information on social media policies and guidelines, I thought I’d collate a few of the more popular links here. I hope this is useful to anyone who is in the process of developing policies or guidelines, or indeed, for anyone interested in Social Media. If anyone knows of other useful links, please let me know and I’ll add them to this list.

Employee Guidelines

Blogging guidelines

Twitter Guidelines

General Guidelines

5 thoughts on “Social Media Policies and Guidelines (List)

  1. Useful list – thanks – though a quick query; I’ve had a look at the two BBC links – the blogging one is live, though it’s dated 2006 & says that they’ve now updated them on the website – but the link from that site & also the link you’ve got to the BBC’s social media guidelines are both missing pages. Not sure if, in fact, both point to the same page or if both have moved/been removed.

  2. Emma – thanks for spotting this. I think the new link you’ve found is the replacement for both of the previois links. I’ll update my list.

    Thanks again.


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