Blogging Policy

Blogging Policy

I’ve recently seen a number of conversations in the blogosphere from people asking about corporate blogging policies, since I assume their companies are getting nervous about what their employees might  be saying via the cyber medium. Sun met this issues head on about 3 years ago, and actively encouraged their employees to blog by providing them with dedicated server space. Their blogging policy is as good as any I’ve seen.  Pity that all companies don’t encourage this level of transparency (I’m not a Sun employee by the way!). 

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  1. From the conversations I’ve had with people about blogging policies it seems that a lot of the employees ask for guidelines as well. I think writing a blog successfully does require some new skills for people who may not be used to writing for a public audience. If a company does have some rules about what you can and cannot write about, it is probably a good idea to know what you can write. IBM for example has some rules about employees not discussing religion.

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