Bookmarks for May 26th through June 9th

Bookmarks for May 26th through June 9th

These are my links for May 26th through June 9th:

  • Kinky Sex, Chocolate Truffles, Adorable Puppies – RT @VenerAbility @stephendale Blog Winner:Kinky Sex, Chocolate Truffles, Adorable Puppies
  • 10 awesome Twitter tricks – Every Twitter users is looking for the ladder to boost his/her following. You might be one of them trying to increase your Twitter followers. You must be looking for more public reading your updates. For sure you must be tired of trying out weirdest things to build followers in Twitter. It’s not tricky to build a famous profile, but it’s significant to start with the right understanding. Most commonly people try things like tweeting interesting stuffs that spreads with RTs to grow your twitter account into a solid distribution channel. Posting a lot of how-tos microblogs won't help actually, for they get repetitive. what you need to understand is that Twitter is a community for interaction and it is also an effective marketing platform. Why not make the best of Twitter. To make things easier for you we decided to provide you with the 10 awesome Twitter tricks to enhance your experience.
  • Directory of Social Media Tools – Media creation and editing tools for graphics, animations, video, audio
  • – RT @Ina rt @dhinchcliffe Big changes:Social networks have officially eclipsed e-mail in general use for the first time:
  • – New blog post: Bookmarks for May 24th through May 26th

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