Bookmarks for February 24th through March 1st

Bookmarks for February 24th through March 1st

These are my links for February 24th through March 1st:

  • Top 40 Free Downloadable Open Source Social Networking Software Solutions – Unlike some other lists you may find on the net, this one contains only really downloadable and functional software.
  • Knowledge Plaza: Sophisticated Knowledge Workspace – There are various shades, strengths and weaknesses to competing software packages, with vendors catering to different user segments and market success often defining the direction of their products.

    Knowledge Plaza is a relatively new offering in the enterprise collaboration space and offers a very sophisticated set of tools aimed primarily at knowledge workers, and whose development has been influenced by a very large international consulting company.

  • Business Twitter Resources – Best Collections – The “best of the best” resources for Twitter. The key to Twitter that you need to keep in mind during this learning process is that Twitter is not a complex communication platform. It is a very simplistic communication tool.

    It is like a hammer used to pound nails and smash things. It has a million different ways it can be used.

  • Enterprise Search Summit 2009 – Stephen Dale, Associate Consultant at the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) for local government will be giving a presentation on how Exalead’s API online search functionality has been integrated into its Communities of Practice (CoP) Platform. Many online communities have been established by local authority, regional and IDeA staff. Community facilitators can now generate a “favorite” list of websites for members that are used as the basis of their domain-specific online searches. This improves precision and relevance of results, since only CoP member-recommended websites are included in the search. The effect is that all members of the CoP—all 411 councils in local government in England and Wales—have access to a collectively agreed set of favorite websites for domain-specific websites as opposed to the entire web.
  • Communities and Collaboration – New blog post: Bookmarks for February 23rd through February 24th

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