A Radical Redesign of Apple’s New Mobile Experience: iOS 7

A Radical Redesign of Apple’s New Mobile Experience: iOS 7

Apple iPhoneA slight departure from my usual “communities & collaboration” theme, but given the growing trends for mobile working and BYOD, I thought this might be relevant.

Apple likes to generate tons of hype for every new release, but the announcement of the iOS 7 beta has more than a few people talking. Apple told tech geeks the second beta version will be available for developers to examine, says PC Mag. The company claims this new iOS is the most important thing it has done since the iPhone.

Apple made its announcement at the recent Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Apparently there wasn’t enough time to discuss other developments, like its much-hyped Apple TV.  However, it certainly has iPhone and iPad users everywhere sitting up, as some of the new features look extremely exciting.

The Intent of iOS 7

Apple offers a comprehensive look at iOS 7 on its website, where the company discusses the intentions behind the new operating system. Apple explains the importance of design, and how the idea of design for Apple goes far beyond merely looking good. Design, says Apple, is about simplifying even the most complex things into a usable and elegant interface.

While it’s still unclear how successful the company will be in achieving this goal, those who have used the new iOS have mentioned several great new features.

Hidden Gems

  • Visible Timer: The timer everyone uses so frequently will now be visible on the lock screen function. This will prove extremely useful for those who use timers while engaging in activities that leave their hands dirty. Cooking and washing are just a few tasks that come to mind where this feature will be a lifesaver.
  • iCloud Keychain: Entrepreneur discovered that iOS 7 keeps your keychain — all your passwords and credit information — synced and encrypted across all of your devices.
  • Pinch to Zoom Video: Now, when you’re recording video on your device, you can pinch the screen to zoom on your subject.
  • Mark Messages as Read: The whole world hopes this feature will make it to the final release of iOS 7. Veteran iOS users know how annoying it can be to get 20 batch emails, for instance, and then to have to go through and select each one individually to mark them as read. It’s a time consuming and fairly ridiculous process for such an advanced system, and a change that should have happened years before.
  • Block Numbers: Call blocking has been something users have requested for years, according to Cult of Mac, and it’s a good thing Apple is finally responding. There are times when you want to block someone from calling or texting you, and now you should be able to do it fairly easily.
  • Find My iPhone: This is a feature that Apple has confirmed. The new iOS will allow you to wipe or lock your phone remotely using your Apple ID and password, and you can also display a custom message to the person who has it.

A Bright Future

The new features, both potential and confirmed, of iOS 7 are exciting. You will have to wait until Autumn 2013, however, to enjoy them.

Image by William Hook pursuant to the terms of his Creative Commons license.

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