Social Media and Knowledge Management Links for 2008-08-02

Social Media and Knowledge Management Links for 2008-08-02

Links for 2008-08-02

Top 100 Brands in Social Media

Social media uptake is driven by an audience of early adopters. This group are primarily technology enthusiasts with a natural inclination to sharing information and insight. Google, Yahoo!, Apple and Microsoft take the top four spots respectively.

UK Government Committee Report on harmful content on Internet (PDF)

House of Commons’ Culture Media and Sport Committee calls on social media sites like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube to implement stricter policies, impose more content filtering, and better facilitate processes to report abuse.

Understanding Knowledge Management

New report just issued by Parachute Consulting. Demistifies the KM concepts, uses real-world examples from the public sector of good practice from which others can learn and links in Information Management deciplines with KM strategy. Includes case study of local government communities of practice.

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