Google Gears up for off-line browser apps

Google Gears up for off-line browser apps


An update to this post (18th June 2018). RSS is dead? Long Live RSS!  Here is a link to some alternative RSS readers, kindly provided by Tom Howard.


As a closet fan of all that is ‘Google’, I was wondering when I should make the final step in my transition from Bloglines to Google Reader. I’ve been using both for some time now, which is bit of a pain when I have to add and categorise a new feed since I end up replicating the process twice. However, I think the recent announcement about Google Gears is the tipping point I needed. So, sadly, it’s goodbye to Bloglines, but loyalty only goes so far.

Basically, Gears is a browser add-on that enables web-based applications to run locally whilst off-line. The product is in Beta at the moment, and only supports the Google Reader (RSS feed aggregator). However, we can expect to see support for Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Google Mail, Google Blogger, and in fact any of their applications where there is value to be gained by working off-line and on-line.

Looks like another killer app to me!

3 thoughts on “Google Gears up for off-line browser apps

  1. Thanks Dave – looks like this is taking off quicker than I thought. Having ability to use Google docs and spreadsheets in off-line or on-line mode is becoming a more compelling alternative to Microsoft’s expensive and bloated Office products. Mr Gates et al must be getting worried!

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